At Woodhaven Capital Partners, our strategy centers around preserving the legacy of incumbent private business owners. We recognize that decades and/or generations of success will be transitioned and we intend to preserve the heritage of the business.

At WCP, our focus is on partnering with a single business owner to devote 100% of our time to the firm's long-term success. All of our attention and resources will be dedicated to the acquired business.

At WCP, we are dedicated to maintaining momentum and growth. This means working with existing management teams to continue concentrated efforts toward value creation and value capture initiatives.

At WCP, we believe the following points of distinction create a unique opportunity for business owners:

Legacy. Focus. Growth.
What We Do








Investment Time Horizon


3-5 years


Commitment Level

100% of our time and effort

Piece of larger portfolio

Piece of larger whole


Preserve legacy with existing management team, foster sustainable growth

Aggressively cut costs, increase debt burden, position company for quickest exit

Synergy cost-cutting, absorb desired parts

Source of Capital

Serial entrepreneurs, experienced operators, and proven investors

Institutions, endowments, and pension plans with firm mandates on returning capital to shareholders

Existing balance sheet and company cash flows

Deal Terms

Flexible and customizable to meet the needs of the seller

Rigid, typically following "market" terms tailored for institutional investors and lenders

Structured to meet the requirements of the purchasing corporation

Post-Close Activity

Build relationships with employees, customers and suppliers to sustain growth and momentum

Find the next acquisition, work on exiting active investments

Integrate into purchasing corporation